Friday, April 9, 2021

All Juniors Will Take the SAT Test on Tuesday April 13th

The State of Illinois has chosen the SAT as the official college readiness assessment for all high schools.  While students can still register and take the ACT on select Saturdays, we will be shifting our focus as a school to the required SAT.  A majority of colleges nationwide and all schools within Illinois will accept the SAT as an admissions score.  In addition, there are well-established conversion tables to help better understand SAT scoring (1600 Total Score) vs. ACT scoring (36 Total Score)

April 13th SAT: All Juniors - Main and BFC
Testing Rooms Open: 7:15AM
​Test Begins: 7:30AM 
Test Complete: 12:00PM

Extended Time Test Completion: 1:00PM
Dismissal times are approximate

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This will be an asynchronous day for Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors. 

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