Friday, February 19, 2021

NV Chess Finishes Seventh in the IHSA State Competition

Congratulations to NV Chess (7th in State) and coaches Jim Fox and Frank Gambino - Two very long days competing in the very first IHSA virtual State tournament that ended in a relative 6-1 tie among the top 7 teams. The final order was determined by tiebreakers.

Head Coach: James Fox
Asst. Coach: Frank Gambino
1. Alan Wei (So.)
2. Pranav Addepalli (Sr.)
3. Joel Setya (So.)
4. Vishwa Salem (So.)
5. Kodipparambil Advaith (Fr.)
6. Abhinav Shankar (Jr.)
7. Anthony Chen (Fr.)
8. Nihal Shivannagari (Sr.)
9. Nitin Shivannagari (So.)
10. Anish Deshpande (So.)
11. Raha Adit (Fr.)
12. Ian Englishharden (Jr.)

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