Friday, October 2, 2020

2020 - 2021 Yearbook Orders - A Year to Remember?

2018? It was pretty good. 
2019? Mmm... I guess it was okay.
2020? OMG, where do I even begin? 

A lot of years kind of blend in together. 2020? Not so much. No one alive has been through anything like what this year has thrown at us... 
  • Last year, school was basically cancelled.
  • We learned how to Zoom.
  • Australia, then the West Coast, spontaneously combusted.
  • Then the Supreme Court.
  • The Olympics were cancelled.
  • Most other sports too, for that matter.
  • Black Lives Matter protests swept the globe.
  • The Presidential election is freaking crazy.
  • Oh yeah, and there's this global pandemic thing...
Bottom line: You're going to want some proof that you experienced this year firsthand.

NVHS Yearbook... you want this slice of history and can order it at today.

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