Thursday, January 9, 2020

World Language Week is January 21st through January 24th

"World Language Week -- Join us as we celebrate diversity at NVHS. 

Tuesday, January 21st: World Music Concert at 7 PM in auditorium + Travel T-shirt Day

Wednesday, January 22nd: Taste of the World at 7 PM in BFC Commons + International Dress and Soccer Jersey Day

Thursday, January 23rd: Multicultural Show at 7 PM in auditorium  + Wear an “I Speak or I Sign” sticker, if you speak or sign a language other than English.  We hope this will spark some interesting conversations with our staff and students.

Friday. January 24th: International Career Fair All Day in the auditorium lobby + Club or Travel T-shirt

We will have cultural presentations and fun activities in our WL classes all week."

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