Wednesday, October 30, 2019

NVHS Theatre Presents "Things to Not Do"

Things To Not Do" is a full-length play written and directed by Will Schaub that follows the lives of 12 high school students over the course of a school year at fictional Lincoln High. It explores aspects of being a modern-day teen with all of the confusion, humor, drama, trepidation, and self-discovery that it entails. TTND is a contemporary update on the cultural and social minefield that is high school.

Carmelo is paralyzed by the allure of the girl’s thong who sits in front of him in Mr. Nesbit’s class. If he could only muster the courage to say hello. Kendal is dating the best catch at Lincoln High but beginning to chafe at the limitations of the relationship. Rashaad is determined to get a girlfriend- and has a bulletproof plan for success. Alex dreams of simply being in the same room with a girl without his sweat glands going into overdrive. Angela has a dark past that she would give anything undo. Mitch has his own secret that he’s just trying to keep buried until graduation- and freedom. Lars, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, is doing his best to avoid social gaffes and fit himself into the neuro-typical world of high school. Sammi is hopelessly crushing on the girl of her dreams, and Marvin can’t do anything to convince her that she’s barking up the wrong tree. And The Mellow Man, the school radio station DJ, provides a narrative and philosophical throughline as well as the essential high school soundtrack.

By the end of the last act, TTND examines issues of relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, loyalty, conformity, depression, kindness, and self-acceptance. It’s comedic, dramatic, relatable for today’s youth, yet sprinkled with a touch of magical realism. If there’s an identifiable moral, it might be: No matter how much crap life throws your way, never stop being you.

Show Dates: November 14-16, 2019 at 7pm
Location: NVHS Main Campus Auditorium (Please enter at Door 7)
Tickets: $7 students; $11 adults. Tickets can be purchased online at 

Target Age: High School
*Material may not be suitable for younger audiences. Content includes adult themes & topics."

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