Friday, October 18, 2019

Kidness Challenge - Serenity Week

Next week we are kicking off our “Serenity Week” as part of the “Health.Moves.Minds.” initiative that was started last year to promote positive mental health awareness in our Neuqua Valley community.  During “Serenity Week”, each day has a theme that promotes an important life skill related to improving our mental health. 
Monday is “Kindness” day.  We are asking students, staff, parents, and community members to get on board with our “Kindness Challenge”.  Think of the ALS “Ice bucket challenge” from a few years ago, but with acts of kindness.  These can be simple, they can be creative, they can be random and spur of the moment, or they can be planned out in advance.  Don't feel pressured to do something over the top, many times simple is better.  Let’s be selfless and do something kind for others!
Once you have performed an act of kindness, share it on your social media of choice with the hashtags #healthmovesminds and #kindnesschallenge as well as pass the challenge on to someone (or two or three). 

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