Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Candy Donation For The Troops

We wanted to let our Neuqua Community know about the candy drive that is being organized by one of our freshman, Maya Stone.  Last year Maya took it upon herself to collect candy for the troops as a way to honor her family members that served our country.  In her first year, Maya was able to collect 550 pounds of candy which she donated to Operation Support Our Troops America.  This year, she is back at it, and I'm reaching out to all of you to contribute to this great cause.

The candy drive runs from November 2nd to November 14th and students can bring candy to collection points at the rotunda and cafeteria in both buildings.  Thanks in advance for supporting Maya and our troops.

Fun Facts About Candy Donation for the Troops

  • Donating candy  will increase the focus of your kids at home
  • Donating candy will help you stick to your New Years resolutions
  • Donating candy will make dentist appointments more manageable

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