Friday, May 25, 2018

Starting the 2018 Year Off Right by Knowing Your Password Now

Before leaving for the year, the Indian Prairies Tech Services Department is recommending that all students make sure they can access their passwords next school year. All returning students should follow these steps before leaving for the school year.

1. Verify that you can log into HAC in case they forget their SSO/Google password over the summer.

Check when their password will expire.
  • Login to the SSO, click “Account”, and review your password last set & expire dates.
  • If your password will expire over the summer, it is recommended you reset it before leaving for the summer.

2. Review/reset your SSO Challenge questions before leaving for the summer.
  • Login to the SSO, click “Account”, click “Update Challenge Responses”, and reset at least 6 questions.

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