Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scholarship Search Engines

Hey Seniors…..Did you see that? It came and went like a thief in the night! It was the first half of your senior year!!!
Although finality is sometimes hard to comprehend, a new and exciting chapter in your life is ready for exposure: Post-secondary education!!For those moving on to the various college campuses across the U.S., the opportunity to close the gap on the cost of attendance versus the financial obligation of the family seems to be a major hurdle for many. Fortunately, there are hundreds of opportunities to close that gap, and the only cost would be your time. On Naviance, under the College Tab, check out the Scholarship List link. There are several search engines creating a profile can be the start of scholarship opportunities being delivered to your email address.
The newest addition to the list is the JLV College Counseling link. This site provides families with a plethora of scholarship opportunities that extend beyond just senior students. The creator of the site, Ms. Jessica Velasco, served as an admissions officer and director, so she developed a site to provide resources for families preparing for post-secondary education. Another site,, provides monthly emails announcing scholarship opportunities.Check out the numerous local and national scholarships, as well as the many search engines that could lead to some serious cash! Speak to your counselor if you have questions or concerns. Also, please mark January 19th on your calendar, as there will be a scholarship seminar held in the College and Career Center during each lunch period!!!

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