Thursday, January 30, 2014

Collection of Second Semester Fees

  • Starting February 4th parents can access school fees in Home Access Center.
  • Second Semester courses that have fees include -  Courses in the Art, FACS, TEE, Business, PE and Drivers Ed Departments.
  • Outstanding fees are also listed in HAC. 
  • In addition to the fees listed in E-school, students may also be liable for missing or damaged textbooks. A notice of those fees will be sent out in the coming months.
  • For seniors all financial obligations must be cleared and paid in full prior to Cap and Gown Pick Up.  
Students with outstanding obligations will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremonies.

  1. Parents should log on to Home Access Center on the left hand side, click on fees.
  2. View the fees -Second Semester and any outstanding fees.
  3. Print fee page.
  4. Check or cash will be accepted, checks should be made out to NVHS with student ID and phone number on it.
  5. Students should bring the printed fee page and cash or check to school.
  6. Student should hand in fee page and check or cash to the class house at Main Building and Main Office at Gold Building.
  7. Fees should be turned in no later than February 14th.

Questions please call the Main Office at 630-428-6017

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