Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Digital Footprint Project

In an effort to increase awareness of responsible citizenship, KidsMatter has partnered together with School Districts 203 & 204, the Naperville Police Department, and NaperBridge to offer students the opportunity to participate in a video project.
Digital Footprint Video Contest Students will complete a video submitted to either Mr. John David Son, Director of Instructional Technology for District 203, or Dr. Stacey Gonzales, Director of Instructional Technology for District 204, of 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. The content of the video should address one of the seven domains of the Illinois Internet Safety Act and include the student’s name, school, and grade level.

7 Domains of Illinois Internet Safety Act

  • Safe and responsible use of the Internet
  • Recognizing, avoiding and reporting online solicitations
  • Risks of transmitting personal information on the Internet
  • Recognizing and avoiding unsolicited or deceptive online communication
  • Recognizing and reporting online harassment and cyber-bullying
  • Reporting illegal online activities and communications
  • Understanding copyright laws on written materials, photographs, music and video

Click here for submission instructions and more information.

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