Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Chromebook 101 Website - Getting to Know Chromebooks

We've organized a new site that is designed to help teachers, parents, & students explore the essential characteristics of Chromebooks and the Chrome OS. The goal of the site is to help Chromebook users explore the essential features of the device. We've divided the site into 4 different pages focussed on the essential skills connected to Chromebooks.

Chromebooks - Learn about the device. This page includes resources connected to the Chrome Desktop, the Keyboard, the Touchpad, Quick Keys, and Chromebook Settings.
Chrome OS - Learn about the Chrome Operating System. This page includes resources connected to the Omnibox, Chrome Tabs, Chrome Bookmarks, Chrome Extensions, and Chrome Apps.
Help - Quick tips and tricks to explore and troubleshoot Chromebooks.
Explore - Learn more about Chromebooks and G Suite for Education Resources.

Our next step will be to focus on this mindset.
How can we use technology to enhance learning and support the development of the essential skills connected to communication, critical thinking, creativity, & collaboration in student-centered classrooms?
Let us know if you have what your think or if you have any additional suggestions.